Help, I’m engaged!! But I am so nervous for dress shopping, what if nothing fits?

Shopping for your dream wedding dress can be one of the most exciting times of the wedding planning journey. However, we as bridal consultants understand that it can also be the most difficult part for many brides.

A lot of the brides that we see are often self-conscious of something, whether it be their ‘lumps and bumps’, birth marks, dress size, height issues etc. Sadly, it is likely that there will always be something you want to change, and it can be particularly difficult when no one else sees such issues.

Many people sadly struggle with body conscious worries in general life, and this can be highlighted even more when trying to find your dream wedding dress. Please know if you have your own concerns that you are not alone, especially when it comes to bridal sizing. It is totally normal for many brides to be nervous when starting their bridal journey and have that dreaded thought of ‘am I going to fit into these?!

Now some real talk…honestly apart from a very small number of brides no one fits perfectly into sample gowns. Even though we have a range of sample sizes in store, just like the high street shops if you are a size 12 in one shop you could be a 14 in the next shop. This is the same with the designers sizing, they aren’t all the same.

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That is however where we come in and of course, as part of our job are experts at making gowns look incredible (even when they don’t fit). We can pin, clip, add fabric to the back, add sleeves, straps etc. But this is part of the process, these dresses won’t fit you perfectly. Even when your dress is ordered to your nearest size, it still won’t fit perfectly as it needs alterations to fit your body how you want it to.

Yes, we do ask that brides have a little imagination of how the final version will look, but please let us do our job and trust us in making you look fabulous! We will never get you to try something that we feel would really knock your confidence (unless you asked to of course), and at the end of the day we are here to help you feel incredible.

One of our biggest pieces of advice here at MFV, is that you must feel like the best version of you in the dress. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, gain weight or stay exactly the same. If you are really happy in a dress and feel the very best version of yourself, that’s all that matters. You will have that bridal glow when you’re happy and you will know you have found the one!

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