Choosing The Perfect Bridal Accessory

We get so many questions about the perfect bridal accessory, especially when it comes to doing the right thing and ensuring that any accessory compliments your dress perfectly!

We have therefore put together our most asked questions with our answers, to help you along the way…

Should I wear a necklace with my wedding dress?

This is a completely personal choice and the first question you should be asking is do you want to? If the answer is yes, then start by looking at the style of your dress.

  • If your dress’ neckline is low and there is a lot of chest on show, it may be nice to add a little sparkle which will also help to break up this area of skin.
  • If you are wearing a very simple crepe, satin or Mikado dress, then a beautiful necklace will also help to personalise the gown to your style.
  • If your gown has a lot of detail around the neck area, such as a high lace neckline, a necklace might be a little too much.

Will statement earrings go with my wedding dress?

Statement earrings are a great way of bringing your personality into your bridal look! Again if your dress is very simple and classic, large statement earrings can give your bridal look a very cool and modern appearance and can be a real focal point.

Statement earrings can still be very classic, and large ivory type flowers or pearls will always be timeless. Have fun with it, you want to feel like the most beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day, so play around with looks to find what suits you and your gown perfectly.

Should my bridesmaid's jewellery match?

This is completely up to you and your bride tribe. If you want all your bridesmaids to match perfectly, then it is also likely you will want their jewellery to be identical. A great way to do this is to use bridesmaid gifts for your bridal party and give them a matching necklace, bracelet, or earrings as a thank you but also asking your bridesmaids to wear them on the day.

Stunning white wedding dress plunge neckline

My mum wants me to wear a piece of her jewellery – but will it go?

Again, this will depend on your dress and style, but we would imagine the jewellery that your mum wants you to wear is pretty classic and timeless? Wearing a piece of old jewellery can also count as your something ‘old’ and ‘borrowed’, so it is a great way to incorporate that into your bridal look and also sentimental to have a borrowed piece from a close friend or family member.

Can I use jewellery to give me two different looks on my wedding day?

Yes and we love this idea! Jewellery can change the look of an outfit so much. You may want smaller or classic jewellery and accessories for the day, then change into big statement earrings and a sparkly belt /necklace for the evening. Have fun with your style, the best thing about jewellery is that you can change it up!

Wedding dress with a long veil

What lengths of wedding veils are available?

We know how hard it is to choose a veil. Every designer and shop differs slightly, with bespoke options also available.

The most common length of veils are:

  • Birdcage
  • Waist-length (also known as 54inch)
  • Fingertip length (72inch)
  • Chapel or train length (126inch)
  • Cathedral length (144inch)

Many designers also have veils much longer than the standard cathedral length, for a really dramatic look.

We offer a total bespoke veil service, so can make any veil you like! Please get in touch with us if you would like more information on our veils and what we can design.

How to match my veil to my wedding dress?

Some brides know straight away that they want either a really long statement veil, or a shorter veil that they feel is more manageable. Don’t worry if you don’t know, start by looking at the style of your dress.

If your dress has a lot of back detail, wearing a shorter veil may stop at the place on your back where the most detail is, blocking the beautiful details. If the back of your dress does have a lot of detail or a low back that you would like to show off, a really plain soft Italian tule train or cathedral length veil would be perfect. This way your guests will be able to see all that lovely detail through your veil, giving the most stunning bridal look.

If you are wearing a very simple gown, you may want to jazz it up with the veil. There are so many options for a detailed veil, whether you want lace, sparkle, pearl, flowers etc! We love it when a bride wants a completely bespoke veil, as the design process is so much fun as you can literally create whatever you want.

Does my wedding veil have to cover my face?

Don’t worry, veils come in many different styles so you have the choice of whether you want to have the veil over your face, or not. If you want a simple veil that just comes from the back of your head, you will want a single tier veil. Single tier veils are so elegant and sit beautifully in the back of your hair, giving the most elegant bridal look.

If you do want the added drama of having the veil over your face when walking down the aisle and then pulled back, you will want a two-tier veil with a blusher. The blusher is a shorter piece of tulle that you can pull over your face. Once pulled back the veil will have more volume from behind and looks very timeless.

Are there alternatives to wearing a veil?

If you love the look of a veil but worry about it attaching to your hair, there are many veil alternatives for you. Capes and wings are a huge bridal trend right now, as well as amazing statement trains!

Wings usually attach to the straps on the back of your dress and can be detached to give two different looks. They vary in length and design, from the very plain and simple tulle, to tulle adorned in pearls and diamonds. They can give a real bohemian look to your gown and are sure to be a show stopper on the day!

A cape can also transform your gown and again give you the option to have two different looks in one. You can get detailed lace and tulle capes, which can attach to the back of your dress, or your neck, as well as capes in the same fabric as your dress to give it that added wow factor and lace.

If you worry about having an additional accessory like a veil, cape or wings, statement trains are very on-trend and so many stunning dresses have incredible illusion trains. This way the detail is already attached to your dress and can then be bustled up for the night, to give that perfect photo opportunity for the day and party vibe at night.

Wedding dress long train

Do I need to wear a veil?

Of course not! Veils are a totally personal choice and you may feel that your dress doesn’t need one. If you are not sure, just think your wedding will likely be the only time you will be able to wear a veil so do you want to miss out? You can always just wear it for the ceremony and take it off.

How to choose wedding hair accessories?

There are so many options for hair accessories, whether that is fresh flowers, hairpieces, tiaras, vines, headbands etc!

We would recommend waiting until you have found your dress before picking your hair accessories, as it is always good to try a few different styles with your gown. What you choose will also depend on how you are having your hairstyle, so it is always a good idea to know how you would like your hair and how each different accessory would work with that style.

Can I wear the same hairpiece with and without my veil?

Of course! Beautiful hair combs can work really well with a veil as once the comb of your veil is in your hair, you can then layer this with a stunning hair slide so that it just sits at the top of your veil. Once you are ready to remove the veil, you can then just pop the hair comb back in where the veil was, to add that bit of sparkle.

Individual pins can also work great, as they will be scattered around your hair, so removing your veil won’t make any difference and you will be left with the most beautiful little touches in your bridal hairstyle.

bridal hair comb

What bridal hair accessories go best with a bridal updo?

We would recommend trying a few different pieces to see what styles suit you, but hair slides, pins, fresh flowers, vines and headbands can work really well with a bridal updo.

You want to pick an accessory that suits your bridal style, whether that be boho, romantic or total princess. The type of accessory you chose will also depend on the height of your updo and if you want it to be easily removed to give two different looks, or entwined into your hair like a vine.

Bridal Hair Accessories in Blonde Hair

I want something unique and bespoke in my hair, what options are there?

Statement headbands are very on-trend right now and add a real wow to your bridal look. Whether you want Swarovski crystals, pearls, or elegant 3D flowers, headbands can really change a look and compliment your dress perfectly. If you don’t know where to start but love the bridal headband look, Cassie M Bridal Accessories offer bespoke headbands and can help you design whatever style you want for your big day. We stock a range of her accessories, so can assist with you finding the perfect piece!

Hopefully, this has helped with your search for the perfect bridal accessory, however, please let us know if you have any more questions and we’d be delighted to help!

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